Monday, February 28, 2011

Final update

Friday, we passed out pencils at another school the first thing in the morning....the kids were so thankful for such a small item, but I guess that's more than they had before. We then went to the hospital to do a short p.t. session.....till about noon...then took the afternoon off to go down to Cayes to the beach....the water was absolutely beautiful and weather so'd think you were in a tropical paradise....but then kids did show up trying to sell anything....for a buck....coconuts, name it even if it was to ask for a "DOLLA".....we then finished the day with a lunch of lobster at the beach. We were getting ready to leave the beach when a little boy came hobbling up to us....I told Sheila that I thought he had a problem...we decided it was for show......a second look was a different sight.....(that's the back of the boy in picture sent last night) pulled up his shirt to reveal that sore he had...Sheila immediately talked to the "uncles" and took care of transportation to the hospital.....just hope he does indeed get there and all goes well....just one more reason I think we need to support that hoispital....those people need that so much. We don't understand or seem to take it for granted, that in the USA, we got a problem, we just go to the hospital and all is well! All the world is not that fortunate!!!!!!!!! We closed out the evening getting ready to leave on an early flight from Cayes....well that was interrupted by Dr. Rudy asking Dr. Dave to assist him with an emergency surgery.......a call back to the states changed the surgery to treating anoither way....antibiotics and then surgery at a later date. 4:00 a.m. came and we were on the way to Cayes to the airport for a quick flight to PAP. Well, Haitian time is different than our time....plane left about 10:00 a.m. We arrived at PAP.,..told that our plane was being held, grabbed our bags and got a wild and short ride to meet American Airlines flight, pushed our way to security and check in...only to find out our gate had closed.......Ok, I can live with this......then through security, 2 more times, last time through the scanner, my laptop was eaten by the scanner..........Donald lost it!!!!! After several loudspeaker announcements....well it finally was produced out of the clear blue..ok, we were now placed on standby. In visiting with the Grant's Pass people, they noticed that the original plane was delayed for an hour....well that didn't set well with the "big boy, me, but anyway just suck it up! Well, then Linda, Rita, and Ada got tickets, but not "Don".......oh my, another reoccurance of irratation....Ada wondering maybe why she married me, and the other two sure glad they didn't!!!!!! Anyway, I did finally get my ticket, got boarded the plane and was off to Miami....WHEW!!!! You know, a man from Ft. Wayne, Indiana was talking to me about the way things had gone.......wondered if Satan was buffeting me........we had a great conservation........Yup......I think I took the Lord's name in vain......think and act like I'm a Christian......and then LOSE my composure, even what little I have.....Oh boy!!!! Anyway, the rest of the trip went well! we had a great team and really worked well together. As a team leader, I want to thank each and everyone who had a part in the three weeks that I was in Haiti.....especially Sheila;  we need to pray for that dear sister for the work she is doing....and the rest of the people working in all missions around the world. I think we need to name that cedar tree behind the guesthouse "Sheila" You see it stands "straight and tall".......never bends under pressure....maybe sways a little.....but never bends....THANKS SHEILA!! You are a true blessing........Hope you all enjoyed  the stuff I've put on here......Later, Don

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A few of the 700 pictures.

Road to Bonne Fin

Ada, Linda, Katherine passing out pencils.

Crippled boy with an open sore. (More Info Coming)

Charcoal Haul + Haitian Taxi + Chicken Transporter

Child they wanted me to adopt.

This little boy had a concussion from being hit by a bicycle. 

Modern Grain Dryer for Haiti.

Ada and Linda doing therapy.

Ada with LSM girls.

Handing out pencils to school children.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday update

The day started as usual........5:00 a.m.....roosters......roosters......and more roosters crowing. Other than that I felt much better.......NO MORE GREEN APPLE QUICKSTEP.....that medication (don't think I spelled it right) but it worked.....Ada and I worked with Linda in p.t. some and Ada also kinda worked other places and with other team members. Thought I'd be brave and watch a tubal with a local.......didn't make it past the first incision.........blood and pain aren't in my list of strong points. Kenny and Steve are still working on plumbing and making a wish list of needs for the next team and time.Dr. Dave is right here in emergency room working and Dr. Adele is in hospital doing rounds. QUESTION.........What would happen if a 300 pound black man were to appear at a school and ask to pass out pencils to the students?............Well, the tables were turned today as I and Ada and Geneva went to pass out pencils at a school.....we were greeted by the children of each classroom arising and welcoming us to their room.......and some of the little girls kissed me on the cheek.........America.......WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! So thankful to be taught how to behave properly. So once again Alice and ACWR for allowing me to be a part of the's been an experience Ada and I will not soon forget..........until next time..........Don

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday update

Well, we woke up to the usual......roosters and the need for Immotal........I hope that's spelled right......anyway I'm sure you get the picture.....Worked with Linda in P.T. this am along with Ada. About 11:00, Joan came up to pick us up to go to LSM to tour their to two of them....I now fully support the efforts that they do......nice job and hats off to that organization. Returned to the hospital about 4:00 p.m. Noticed a new baby in the emergency room.....cute...don't think God created any ugly Haitian babies. We will be joined with another team of about 14-15 for supper this evening. Please keep Sheila in your prayers........just don't understand how she can possibly keep her head above many people with questions....interrupting her all the time with questions.......she does a great job and only by the grace of God can one wear that many hats at one time......going to close for now for supper at 6:00........20 minutes from now....until next time....Don

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday update

The roosters are still alive and well----and crowing----!  In case you wonder why there are so many rodnts here, we can tell you.  It's because they eat cats.  They say they are good!  Have we eaten any??? Thought we'd check and see how much it would cost to ship some from our house to Haiti!!
We mostly helped Linda in PT today---in her words; "pain and torture".  We nurses are preparing to do a "class/inservice" about diabetes..........mostly what the Haitian nurses can teach their patients/friends and family about caring for people with diabetes.
Our gunshot patient looked wonderful this morning.  Sitting up and smiling .......... that changed this afternoon as he was having a lot of pain and was quite restless.  Certainly he is not out of the woods, yet.  It is a miracle that he is doing as well as he is.
Steve and Kenny have been investigating  the water supply (and the sporadic lackof it)  They discovered that some of it is being "diverted". Hm-m-m-----interesting situation.
There is only one patient in the cholera unit, now.  All the rest were well enough to go home.  When we asked one of the nurses there what they are going to do now, she replied "there will be more!"
Paula, Don and Ada went for a walk to visit Jimmy's house again.  He again got his "bee smoker" out and cut us off a chunk of honeycomb to eat.  What an example of hospitality!  We took beanie babies and matchbox cars and hair "stuff" along with us.................didn't take long to get rid of them.  Kids come from EVERYWHERE!!  Dave and Katherine are walking now in the opposite direction and they are armed with cars and pencils and more hair stuff.
Dave and Katherine and Don and Ada will be touring LSM tomorrow while the rest of the group stay at Bonne Fin. 
There is another group who are doing construction and a health clinic in an area about 30min away who will be sleeping in one of the houses on this compound for the next week. They are a group of about 14 and will have only one toilet and one shower!  We are staying in the Hilton in comparison!!  They will be eating some of their meals at the guest house with us.  That will mean that Mona is cooking for about 27 people.  We have no doubt she is up to the challenge.  She feeds us very well!!
Sheila took us to the warehouse on the compound today to look for some needed supplies.  Linda found some crutches to send home with an elderly amputee.  He and his wife were so happy to get them.  The warehouse is amazing!  The folks working there have it amazingly well organized and clean!
The weather the last couple of days is sunny and wonderful! 
Don and Ada

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday recap

Well, I've got a little time between helping Linda H. and Ada and Rita do some physical therapy, so thought I'd get this blog done.........The guy with a gunshot wound came through surgery and looked pretty good this morning, but seems to be taking a turn for the worst....lots of pain, heavy breathing and rapid heartbeat.....just doesn't seem right.....he was an innocent victim. Well, anyway we hope and pray that he was right with God......On another note, the little boy with a head injury went home during the lunch hour. Kenneth and Steve are doing a good job with the waterworks, trying to figure out what is going on and fixing what they can. Dr. Rudy left for PAPafter lunch today and will return yet this week, so that leaves Dr. Dave and Dr. Adele as the physicians as well as the interns....... Seems kinda slow today compared to last couple of days.......Alice...Hope you got to see the cholera cot picture......there are not as many patients as there was when we got here .......Oh, lest I forget, just wanted to let my family know......HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ME BEING A FATHER AGAIN..............What a surprise, huh?.......well, don't panic.......I was just offered a 3 month old baby......after all he needs a daddy and she thought I could fill the bill.....what is she to do ..she already has three others that she cannot feed.....she offered me this child a couple days ago and now today had someone write her message in english so I could understand what she wanted..........showed the letter to Mom...she just shook her head and said she couldn't understand how a mother could do that......well, she is hoping that her child will have a better chance in America is the way I see it..........seems this mother has a great deal of love for her child and makes  one wonder about Jesus's mother, Mary as she watched her son die on the cross....... for your sins and mine........... knowing that what he was doing was to fulfill the plan of salvation for all mankind.......WHAT LOVE......until next time.......Don

pictures from Haiti


Living conditions in Haiti

Alice: Here is a picture of the cholera cot!! (buckets underneath)